Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Told You So

The forebearance of all things
burlap wrapped around the 3rd degree burn of all your words
all your failures and vehement justifications

I shoulder up and quiet down
all the things I have the right to say
and the freedom to withhold.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Abram soon to be renamed,
stands at the edge of choosing--
opposite of Lot who did not have the promise
The promise; definite article
reflected at the pool of Bethesda
patient waiting for the unattainable
to crawl within reach--two polars moving
in opposite directions; me and hope
as infinitely incompatible as greed
and giving; as 8 o'clock am and College Algebra

Walking Song

The stranger walking in front of me is singing the song You gave me
this morning. I won't begrudge Him; I want to sing it too.
I can hear the melody in my heart, but I can't feel the right notes;
my voice is off pitch beause it's Your breath coming
over my vocal cords; not my own.
Keep breathing, Lord, breathe out through me.
It feels like death because it is.
But this resucitation is libation.

Chisandong 849

or at least the street;
no, alley; smells, garlic and cabbage
and dogs
ice slush still hasn't melted
No drain traps and our lips curl

Friday, June 02, 2006

Saturday Night Confession

Other lovers draw me away
with promised intimacy; with
tangible security; with neon
prosperity, the glitter
of a plan; a schedule.

I sacrifice my ability to be drunk in you.
I sacrifice the allure of your distant voice for a conversation across the table.

Forgive me, forgive my affair with the immediate.

My dearest love; my righteous judge.
I'm counting down the days.
I don't know how long, but I do long.
I long for the end of all things and the beginning of the way things should be.

Humility is the most beautiful

The mountain sunset is in your eyes
I need to soak it in--pink, 3D
Nothing on earth is as beautiful as you
And I hold you and close my eyes
so I can breathe you in
and taste your grace:

the rain falling outside
the red and yellow roses down the street
the gentleness of three friends harmonizing your stories

my children love me and are expressive--beautiful
the guitar is out of tune--glorious
the brothers I will never lose dance in worship--strength to remain
the Word is for me--personal