Thursday, July 27, 2006

Colorado Psalm

Praise the intentional, individual God,
specific and whole, intent; gazing; perceiving.
Personal, relational, patient and persistent.
He is a God who waits; who breathes;
who calls and knows; who persists and invites.
He is a God who knocks and listens;
who draws close; approachable and approaching;
pursuing and releasing.

Praise the personal, universal God who keeps
the oceans and my longing in perfect rhythm.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Don't Be So Hasty

I'm unwrapping the long gift;
box within box carefully decorated,
designed, intended for me and this
continual string of moments
I know this is the beginning.
I know this is the middle.
I know this is the end.

The distance leads the horizon
that opens to the goal that bursts into flame.
The glow marks the place where at the end
of today's run will rise yet another horizon
a phoenix of hope through endurance;
through persistence
through the humility to know
that the answers are not the prize
the high calling is not the distant glimmer
but Christ, the nebulous monument
the tangibly invisible reward
rests as my pocket possession
eluding into joy.

Candyapple Moon

The candyapple moon is out tonight
it's pulling on the waves
like the Spirit's pulling on my heart
when this celestial confection fills my view
I lose perspective
When I take it in I can no longer see where I end
and you begin
I'm sorry; I'm so sorry
to look at you that way
to label you the pride of life
and love you in decay