Friday, October 02, 2009

Don't Let a Good Friend Go...or How to Save Your Favorite Blanket :)

Most of you know that I used to live in Korea.  One of my favorite places to shop in Korea is the art/historic district In Sah Dong.  Several years ago, I bought two simple quilted blankets one rainy Saturday afternoon in Korea.  Well, I've had the blankets for about 5 years now, and they are starting to show some wear.  After all, my cat loves to make them into her nest, and I have used them as part of my regular bed linens for that entire time.  Regular use and washing has left the white one with two unsightly tears...booooo!  I'm not about to get rid of my favorite blanket.  So I made a repair :) 

I was not able to fully cover the tear, but at least now I know the tear will not "grow."

I still have to sew a button on to make the "middle" of the flower, but I really like the way this looks so far.


Admittedly, I need more practice as a seamstress...

 I really had fun picking out the fabrics at JoAnn's.  They had all of their "fat quarters" on sale for $.99, so I picked out three patterns of white for the large petals of the flower, and then a really lovely cream for the smaller petals.  I'm very pleased with how these colors compliment the existing blanket--my favorite!! :)