Monday, March 24, 2008

For Easter on January 20, 2008

My thinned-handed friend grasps and releases and grasps again a white tissue. Her ravaged eyes filled with hope; filled with tears.

My most improbable God
I see You now through eyes of scattered starlight.
Oh, most improbable, dependable name: El Shaddai,
of the Promise
whose existence means "It is accomplished."
whose command "be blameless"
set free my father, Abraham, my brother, David,
my mother, Rahab, and my ruined sister, Tamar.

Be blameless: confess the sin which is consistent and constant;
a curse: unshakable and denounced.

This confession, of a Sunday starry night under a searing full moon
shines a light--set in motion at the origin of time and hovered over the Light of the World
now waits; holding steady gaze and delivering uncovered grief of its fester.

She buries her head in her frail hands and grows in favor with God and among men.