Monday, September 07, 2009

September--Geranium Project Canvas Sketch

Here is the on canvas sketch.  :)  Now I've got to fill in the first layer of the background.  The geraniums in this painting are going to be red with yellow lights, so I need to choose a background color that will bring out the best in my foreground subject....hmmmm.

Okay, Here is the canvas with the first layer of background.  I'll go back and lighten it up a bit later on.

Here's the first layer of color and shading.  Many more layers to go.

More of the layering.

Even more detail in this last one.  I'm getting ready to add the center stem on the top bud, then I think the perspective will improve.  :)  Still many more layers and blending of colors and shades to come, but it really is taking shape.

The next progression...
I plan to add more accents with violet/deep red; I also plan to lighten the background as well.

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