Monday, November 01, 2010

The 50 Flowers Project--Alabama

I will readily admit that I have no formal training in any artistic technique.  I see what I want to draw or paint and then I just work at it until I like what I have.  A couple of months ago it dawned on me that I needed to practice, practice, practice drawing what I see.  I LOVE flowers of all types, so I decided to start there.  My favorite flower is the Gladiolus, and I began searching "The Google" for pictures of Gladiolus.  I came across the 50 States Official Flower page, and I was hooked.  Now I have embarked on a sketch a day (15 minute sketches) to improve my skill and have a designated enjoyment at the end of the day.  I do love sketching! :)

So here we go!

Alabama Camelia

This one is pretty rough, but I know I will improve as I practice.

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Renae said...

Very nice! Great to see you blogging again.