Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Austin City Limits

1a.m.me and my pancakes.B.B. King is on channel 10; dinner and a show.Me and 300 others politely sitting on our hands,rocking and swaying to a rhythm born under our feet,demonstrated in the lifting of our knees strikingthe ground in time with B.B.'s patent leather.Half-way through the bass guitar solo, I begin smiling.My breath is short, suppressed with laughter as I closemy eyes hearing the beat myslippers are tapping with B.B.'s knees.He leans a little closer to Lucille, wrappinghis hands around her neck.She's telling me stories I've heard before."You're evil when I'm with you.And you are jealous when we're apart."I could sing; I could clap my hands;but I'd wake my roommate.

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