Friday, April 21, 2006

Every Jar Filled

Dry bone; that's all I am; no life; no breath
Judgment throne; that's where I am; it's second death.

Empty jars; that's all I have and debts to pay.
Wild desire; it's all I know and hunger pangs

Timid steps; that's all I'll take; in fear; in chains
Stingy love; that's all I'll give; nothing remains

Abundance; that's all I want; great harvest; great yield
Redemption; that's all I need: my reward; my sheild

I want every need satisfied; every jar filled.
I want to eat the fatted calf my father killed.
Step by Step; that's how I want it all laid out.
Ruthless love; that's all I ever cared about.

Desperate, useless, broken lover
Ungrateful, grasping child
How I long to comfort you like a mother
How I long to make you wild.

Unloving, hardened, tepid brother
Wanton, harlot bride
How I long to love you like no other
How I long to break your pride.

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