Friday, April 21, 2006

Promise Me You'll Choose

When we started this thing you said I was the real deal.
You said I made you feel
so right.
But now all my dark clouds are showing
And I don't like where this is going
You've been speaking love to me,
language so sweet.
I'm trying, love; I'm trying hard to believe
That when I hold you close you'll see right through
All the things I pretend could hold you.

Your strength draws me to you; strong arms; strong back
Tight grip; fierce eyes shout at me of all I lack.
I want to see if you can handle all I must give.
I want to see you forget; I want to see you forgive.

Braver men have run away.
Kinder men refused to stay.
I was too much they'd say.
I was too much for them.

Bridge 1:
Don't be afraid, baby. Come down from the high ground.
You'll just get your hands dirty; you won't drown.

Bridge 2:You have nothing to gain and everything to lose.
But promise me, baby.
Promise me you'll choose; Over and over again

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