Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lyrics in my heart; joy on my tongue

I do not want ceremony,
solemn mass and careful hands,
broad gestures of pompous show
or furtive, hushed whisperings,
timed entrances, masques.

I do not want your pretense,
best Sunday dress or Easter bonnet,
Christening gown, stained-glass smile,
hymnbook handshake; scripted fellowship

I want your dirty, naked self, pig-sty born, frustrated filth, buried eyes, junkie hands, thorn feet, desperate, bleeding, coarse and coated; then you will know consummation beyond ceremony.

I want consummation;
praise of sytar and cymbal
desert oasis, provision and seclusion,
intentional isolation, desire and thirst,
desire and hunger, silk of the secret place,
wilderness bed,
self death, soul rest

I want your intimacy;
well-gazing, tattooed-thigh satisfaction,
face-on-face, whispers in the ear,
soft-breath suffering,
clothing in My name;
beauty drunk.

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